In addition to presenting its own concert series and chamber music series, the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra is available as a professional orchestra for hire. The variety and versatility of our musician roster lends the HCO for any style of performance or show. Our roster can be as small as a soloist or up to a 100+ piece orchestra.

Many of our musicians are veterans of the film and media scoring community, as well as traditional orchestral performance, and are experienced with providing underscore to movie scores and other nontraditional orchestral music.

We have a flexible set of established wages and can provide you with a budget that fits the needs of your production.  Live Streaming is also available of the performance, just mention that you would like that and we will include that in the budget proposal.

Budget estimates for musicians costs, including wages and California taxes using the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra are available upon request. Please Contact Us at any time for more specific details. In addition, we can provide budgets for traditional commercial projects such as Films/TV/Commericals/Advertisements/Albums and any other produced material.

If you have a unique project or if you are on a specific budget, please send us an E­mail. We have creative options to be flexible to help your project realize its musical vision.

We are always looking to do more movies, live to picture, as we did with “Blackfish” in July 2016. Please email us at to collaborate with us.

If you would like to engage the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra to perform at your wedding or at your wedding reception, please email us at